New sheet component: Numeric stepper

Not sure if there are any threads open for this already? Tried to search for them, but it came up empty. :man_shrugging:

One thing that feels like it’d be super handy to have on a lot of character sheets, is some kind of text or stat component that is meant to step a number up or down. Having it as a stat would be really practical, for just referencing it elsewhere in actions or other stats.

But something that can just look like a regular piece of text until you hover (or tap) it, at which point you have a set of buttons (arrows, + - symbols) to the left and right (or above and below) the number. Just tap the buttons, number goes up or down.

Would make it a lot more practical to track resources, ammunition, anything in a game that tends to go up or down on a regular basis.

There’s a slightly related request that could use your vote: Multiple Health Bars. Do note that this request is actually two requests in one (which we now try to avoid, but it gained many votes quickly and it was decided against closing it):

I feel like both that and this would be nice to have, in each their own way?

My group and I are using Astral to play Dungeons & Dragons right now, and wishing for an easier way to show temporary hit points has been a bit of a regular topic. And for that, some extra bars on the token would be pretty nice!

Our situation here though, is essentially just having a lot of things that tend to go up or down somewhat regularly. For smaller sums, throwing in a few checkboxes and calling it a day works pretty alright.

But then you get things like … ammunition coming in sets of 20, abilities that can be used 4-5 times a day, resources that get up around 10 uses a day. And those are all situations where it would be really handy to be able to set up a number that you don’t have to click, edit, and save. But instead just tap the button to increment or decrement it (with a cap on how high and how low it can go). :smile:

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Ah, seems like I did find a duplicate:

Would you agree it’s a duplicate? Or is there something not covered?

Yeah, that looks like a pretty similar topic going.

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