New sheet component: List / Table

I recently got a new campaign running on Astral, with a group of players who have never used the service before, and one thing in particular struck us a bit while we were talking about the tool and how it all works. We all really wished it was a bit easier to organize lists of entries on the character sheet into something a bit more organized.

For D&D in particular, which is what we’re playing, the two things we were most missing was a more organized setup for the characters’ equipment and for the available combat features each character has.

This is how we have the character sheet set up right now (D&D with Starfinder style bulk equipment, to make it easy to manually manage, and silver as the baseline currency):

What’d be a really cool dream to have, is some kind of table component that can just be set up on the character sheet:

It would also be really useful in places like the Combat Features on the D&D sheet, where right now we’re doing something like this (using a row of checkboxes for each feature):

But with a table to organize it in, it’d be nice to be able to do something like this:

Another thing that’d be nice to have with something like this, would be to either split a table up into multiple sections (like for equipment; one section for what is equipped or carried, one for what is in the saddlebags back at camp, one for what is stored back at base), or be able to have multiple tables and easily drag something between them.

This can be really useful in other systems too, where tables and lists are a common thing in sheets.
It would solve alignment issues and would help players organize their content.

As to support the problem with current approaches, this is an example of how my players fill their lists now:

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I have a bit of a similar experience with one player, to the last image, with spell lists! Because he has more spells noted than there is room for in the spell lists on the D&D 5th Ed spell sheet, he’s just put a bunch of excess actions around the place and then reshuffles the ones the he plans to prepare for the day.

So I think there, it’d be really helpful for him to have something like this too. A table that can be longer than the “box” it’s in, scrolling vertically, with the first column as a checkbox. :sweat_smile:

This, but making sure to index all the values in the table/list. Then add the ability to iterate through tables with loops. It would also be nice to mimic rolling off a table and outputting an answer through slicing syntax like list[1d6].