New Object in character sheets

I don’t know if “objects” is the right term for what I mean, but I am talking about all the interactables you put in the character sheets (stats, actions, text, checkboxes). One thing that would save me a bunch of time is a “text box” or “paragraph” type of object I can add to the sheet and be able to dinamically change text within the sheet itself, it would also help my players keeping track of many things, and many other systems would enjoy that too, like in FATE you change things in sheets every session pretty much, and I end up using the player/DM notes a lot for many systems I would prefer to have directly in the sheet (like item tracking, money, etc…)

Hi @pedroka29

There are actually already Feature Requests for changing the Text box to support fixed areas and automatic wrapping.

I’m closing this request as a duplicate.

// Closed - Duplicate of Character Sheet - Text Fields