New character sheet problems

The new character has caused a lot of confusion to my players, so here are a few things i want to point out:

  1. the actions are no longer bundled in groups, having them scattered on a background image is just as helpful as writing it on paper
  2. entering the edit screen of actions, moving and removing them requires too many steps (cog submenu)
  3. the ability to return to old “overview”, this one is for people that got used to the old simpler view, like my group of busy folks, we don’t have time to reinvent our characters, we made them once, we want it to be consistent at
  4. The ability to toggle the view of the “rotate character button” or bind it to a keybind, especially since players have only 2 keys

Hi @Howel

Why do your players only have 2 keys?

And I’d like to remind you to use the Bug Report button if you are having problems.

Thank you for your feedback. I’m sure the staff will look into your issues as soon as they return from the holiday.

The hotkeys available for players are space (char sheet) and enter (focus on char). The 1-0 hotkeys are extra, i’m regarding the rest of the keys.

I did submit reports regarding other issues we encountered (like the search box for assets no longer working, making a new character while editing making it immovable, etc.).
This is me suggesting an option to return to the simpler view.

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I have made an informal request to the staff via Discord that they enable the old tabs (Attributes and Actions) along side the new Character Sheet.

Sketch has said that he will take it to the rest of the staff soon™.

I meant to ask: what system are you playing @Howel ?

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I play DnD 5e.
DM rants: i can search for assets imported today, nothing from the past, and some assets from the past are invisible on my maps. I’ll bug report this later today.

I’ve also bug reported the search issues. I often have issues with Assets on my maps not displaying and I find that my internet connection is the issue.

Hi @Howel, thanks for your feedback!

I can respond to some of this for you. Firstly, we’ve resolved the issues with our Search, thanks for the reports!

For point 1 and 3:
There is an Overview panel in the “Additional Settings” option menu, which is the cog icon. Opening this overview panel is recommended when editing your sheet. This overview panel shows all of your current existing Stats and Actions, including ones made before Sheets was introduced. You can also click on them from the overview, and it will behave exactly like the old interface save the ability to edit. Actions can be sent to chat just like the old Actions Tabs.

As for converting your players’ characters to the new sheets, here’s a guide that may help:

I hope this helps for 1 and 3, but we’re always looking to make things more intuitive in the meantime, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for ideas for improvement! Thanks again, reach out either here, via the bug reporting button, or via Discord if I can be of any assistance.

It’s… not a bug…