Negative Attributes in Dice Pool Formulas

So working with a blades in the dark or forged in the dark system the likelihood that the player will have a dice pool modifer is common (as is the case with many dice pool systems)

However when building a VERY simplistic approach of having a statistic for bonus dice the system fails to roll a negative bonus dice stat at all

!({compel+bonusdie}d6) when compel = 2 and bonusdie = 1 then 3 dice will roll
!({compel+bonusdie}d6) when compel = 2 and bonusdie = -1 then 2 dice will roll

See the problem here? This is a big issue for dice pool modifiers that I assume it goes beyond several systems

Hi @NeedMoreLoot

Try the following:

!({{compel+bonusdie) < 1 ? 2 : (compel+bonusdie)}d6{(compel+bonusdie) < 1 ? "dis" : ""})

This will test to see if you have a negative dice pool, changing the number of die to 2 if it is, then, if you have negative (or 0) die, pick the lowest result automatically.

Just remembered that only the highest die counts, so this is the correct formula:
!({{compel+bonusdie) < 1 ? 2 : (compel+bonusdie)}d6{(compel+bonusdie) < 1 ? "dis" : "adv"})