Need Help: Can't program delayed roll with the result multiplied by 2?

Hello, I’m fairly new to Astral and I’m programming some sheets for a Pathfinder 2e Campaign. I’m trying to program a delayed roll that’ll calculate critical damage by rolling the dice, adding the modifier, and multiplying the total result by 2. This is what I currently have:

{!!({diceMeleeA}d{diesizeMeleeA} + {meleeADamageBonus})*2} (Where diceMeleeA is the number of dice and diesizeMeleeA is the size of the damage die)

The results of the roll are working as expected, but for some reason the roll isn’t a delayed roll, it just shows up in chat as if it hadn’t been delayed. The normal damage roll is also a delayed roll and is working fine:

!!({diceMeleeA}d{diesizeMeleeA} + {meleeADamageBonus})

Is there something I should change in the syntax or is this simply not something that I am able to do?

Hi @Splergus_Master and welcome to the forums.

Everything inside of braces ( { } ) is evaluated before the Action is sent to chat, so it is not possible to delay the roll.

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