Mutants & Masterminds 3e Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition

Brief summary of your character template:

  • I created the backgrounds for the template pages in Photoshop.
  • All Defense and skill actions (n) will self calculate based on Stat, Rank and Modifier inputs; clicking these actions will roll 1d20 + n.
  • I tried to make this as simple as possible for people new to markdown and actions.
  • I do have some ideas for updates in the future, but wanted to get this out so people can start playing with it.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
Anything I felt needed to be explained that has to do with the sheet itself is in the notes. If there are any questions have no problem adding to it as needed.

i must be too new to Astral, i do not see the character sheet anywhere

Hi @wookiee420,

This seems to be a recurring question. Perhaps @SketchParker could help us pinning a post explaining how community sheets work?

In the meantime, here’s how it works:

Templates created by users are private by default. But we post sheets to the “Community Content” so that mods know that we have a new sheet.

From here, mods will check them out, test them, and contact the publisher (asking for permission) before including them officially.

Users who really want to test the sheets before all this happens, usually coordinate to create a “dummy” game with the owner of the sheet as a GM. The owner/GM can then include a character and assign it to players so they can in turn export to their vault.


I tried but the link just led to a “None Shall Pass!” message once I logged in. A little help please?

Hi @Andrew_H

Until this character sheet has passed review, you will not be able to access it.