Multiple tokens on a single character sheet

This would allow for polymorph and similar affected creatures to be represented by a specific token without having to physically change the token on the sheet.

This would be great for characters that shapeshift into a consistent creature or form as well. and allowing it to be connected to a macro for interactive switching would be Fantastic!

This could be even better if it had a feature to automatically rotate through different tokens when duplicating NPCs.

For example, I’ve made a dozen different tokens in Token Tool, each with different colored borders. It would be cool to add these all to a folder, then have the duplicates automatically rotate to the next token when added to the board, making for instant visual differentiation.


I like that idea. I frequently have multiple tokens that I can use for one type of NPC, but usually stick with just one or two because its too much work to try to change all of their tokens.

This feature would be extremely for the Moon Druid 5e, due to the frequent shape shifts.

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Here’s a request that I made and, at @LaMorte’s suggestion, I am combining it with this request for multiple tokens:

This request, to me, is a little different. I want to have a mode that would show the shadow of a token, or the blackened silhouette of a token. To me, when a token is in this mode it shouldn’t carry any label for the player view.

The idea behind this is to represent that moment when “a shadow moves in the bushes”. By providing the shadow, it helps players know where the shadow is, but it doesn’t give away more information than I want them to have by letting them see the token or the label. I know that I can use a distinct token that is just a shadow, but this is clumsy, especially in the moment when the player actually gets a good look (hide the shadow token and un-hide the actual token, or similar). Plus, I’d like to let them make guesses about what it is that they’re dealing with based on the shape of the shadow.

I’m totally open to having this combined here, though I do want to note that, in one sense, at least, this is almost more like a half step between making a character hidden, and therefore should apply regardless of which token image is being displayed.

Also, @LaMorte also suggested that there be a different Nickname for each token type:

Yes, this! haha I’m not alone in my struggle. This would be great for me too, I make my own tokens, but not in a top-down view so having a left to right option would be great. My players would love to have different poses, and I can add a different sprite to show how hurt they are without health bars. Thanks LaMorte for showing me this.

A slight modification to this would be the ability to actually influence the token art (rotate, flip, etc.) through actions. If you could click an action on the sheet to flip it, or add a keybind to do the same, it wouldn’t require uploading multiple tokens per sheet.

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There are a TON of cases where this would be valuable, even just within D&D. I would add that changing the token display size would also be very helpful.

  • One of my players is a paladin whose “mount” is fluffed into sort of a “spirit echo” of himself, so he has a separate large token for that mode
  • Another of my players is a folk hero who wears a distinctive mask, so it’s actually important to some scenes whether he is masked or unmasked
  • 4e druids, wardens, were-theme characters, shifters, hengeyoukai etc. can all shift pretty much at-will, so an easy change would be of great benefit
  • Any monster which can shapeshift
  • Disguised characters
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