Multiple DL Layers

While working with layers, I ran into some problem. The fact that all dynamic lighting is in one layer, and this makes it impossible to make a two-story building with the help of triggers without moving the characters:

  1. That is, make any layer translucent (Roof), adding the appropriate setting to work with layers
  2. That dynamic lighting can be divided into layers, that is, when creating a new layer, you can choose the type: dynamic lighting; normal layer; trigger;roof
  3. It would also be convenient to save the trigger settings to the cloud, so that you can use them later

Hi @Mak71m10

You might want to rename this Feature Request something like: “Multiple DL Layers” so that other users and the staff understand what you are asking for.


Would it perhaps work to port the players to another section of the map, like a 2nd or 3rd floorplan? Or even a new map? (Done with triggers?)

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I’ve been experimenting, and moving to another location is also an interesting thing~
But the option when you can have the players themselves go to the second floor, due to the trigger, the first one disappears under them, but because of the dynamic lighting that can not be divided into layers, this can not be done, you just have to transfer the party