Multiple dice pool and flags

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up a character sheet for a Cortex Prime game.

In this system, you can have a dice pool made up of multiple different die, 1’s are fumbles, and ignored, and you only pick two dice out of the pool to compare against the target (though, due to other mechanics, it might not always be the highest scoring dice).

I’ve managed to create a “Dice Pool builder” on my sheet, using a mix of stats and checkboxes. To keep things simple for now, I’m only trying to build it to count the top two dice, so I know that I need to use the flags “cf gt1 kh2”

I can get the cf and gte1 flags to work in the individual dice, but I’m having issues getting it to keep the highest 2. I have a feeling that this is because it can be a mixed dice pool (i.e 1D4 + 2D6 + 1D10).

Any suggestions?

Hello @achillain. Welcome to the forums.

I think that the short answer to your question, if I have correctly understood what you’re trying to do, is that this is not currently possible in Astral. There are others who are much better versed in the mechanics of action coding than I am, and I’m sure that some of them will chime in here soon. I believe that there are some feature requests out there that would, if implemented, result in being able to do something along the lines of what you want. I recommend that you try to find those and up-vote them, or, if you can’t find a request that would make this possible, make one for yourself!

Once again, welcome!

Yip. Currently Astral’s dice system only works on one roll at a time, meaning one xdx and cannot be used across a number of different die. I believe there is a Feature Request for this already but I don’t think it will be trivial to create.

Due to the existing limitations, what I did for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (which uses the Cortex Plus system) was to separate everything out and not bother about auto-picking the highest two, since sometimes you don’t want that anyway

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No worries, that’s what I thought the case might have been. I’ve gone with a system of showing all the dice, and using flags on the individual dice to show the fumbles. We’ll just have to pick and choose the final dice out of what is rolled.

Thanks anyway for the replies.

I’m working on a cortex setup for a game and was wondering if you could provide some more information about how you have this setup. Are you using check boxes for the player to select which dice are added to the pool and then it dumps the results in this style?

Hi @HourEleven

The Vampire V5 sheet is a good example of this.

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Awesome, thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.