Multiple Audio Playlists

It would we great to have a way to set up multiple different music playlists that you could easily select and play (rather than the one playlist you can have right now). It would also be great to have a shuffle button that automatically shuffle plays a particular playlist.

Having a battle playlist, tension playlist, city etc. is super helpful, even with 10min tracks, sometimes things can get monotonous.

I love the simplicity of the current layout, maybe some type of drag and drop heirarchy would be great. Being able to drag all the tracks I want under a certain “Folder” and just click which folder I want it to play through.

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Looks like this wasn’t getting much traction. But I still find myself wanting an easier way to manage the music playing.

playing a single track on loop gets old, and It would be excellent to be able to sort my audio in the player, not just in my vault.

This would be an awesome feature. I always sort my music by atmospheres and having a way to reflect that easily in the Audio Manager with several playlists that we can easily start (and shuffle) would be grand, I hope this gets more traction.

I’m really surprised this isn’t an option, I was just googling to see what I was doing wrong when I was trying to do this