Moving statblock dividers (D&D 5e monster template)

Hi, recently new to using Astral Tabletop, I just finished making a statblock (5e monster statblock) but it seems like the dividers don’t seem to auto-update. I can’t seem to delete them either, maybe I am doing it wrong, but it is possible to move / delete these spacers?

Hi @Empo,

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I’m afraid they can’t be deleted individually at the moment.

The character sheets in Astral have a background (imported from a PDF) and then text, actions, checkboxes, and stats are added on top. The dividers you see are part of the PDF background and can’t be individually modified.

You could replace the whole PDF background with one you make yourself.

Ah, I see. That’s a bummer but thanks for the quick reply! Been loving the program and testing it out so far!

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