Moving multiple player objects without zooming in

Hey everyone. I searched through the forums and did not see either of these topics posted.

  1. Selecting the token
    Running a campaign for the first time and I am trying to figure out how to select the player or NPC token and move it on the map.

What is happening is that then I click on a token to move it, the interface defaults into that view mode (player mode) where I can only see that part of the map. So, I can’t just grab a token and move it. I have to wind it through the corridors, etc.

  1. Selecting multiple tokens (grouping them)
    Second, is there an easy way to select multiple NPC tokens so I can move multiple NPC tokens at the same time.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @blixathecat,

And welcome!

There’s a feature request for this:

(do vote for the request if it’s something you’d like to see)

On that linked request, you’ll also find a few workarounds discussed while it gets implemented, such as right-click on the map and select the “move character here” option.
IIRC (if your players are not on that map to avoid spoilers) you can also turn off dynamic lighting and you should be able to move across the walls.

As a DM, you should be able to hold CTRL while dragging on the map to select multiple tokens.

Hi @blixathecat

Did @roflo1 's comments help? If so, drop a comment and we’ll close this thread for you.