Mörk Borg Character Template (Pink version)

What is the game system your template is for?:
Mörk Borg (English and Swedish version)

Brief summary of your character template:
Stylised with Mörk Borg’s pinkish text with automatic rolls for ability tests, initiative and armour rolls.

Link to character template:
English version

Swedish version

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

Screenshot of the Swedish version:

Thanks for this submission, as well as for posting both English and Swedish versions.

We will need permission from the Mörk Borg publishers, but in the meantime I’ve added Mörk Borg to the Systems list.

I’ve been in contact with Johan (one of the authors of Mörk Borg). He told me he’s going to email Astral and approve.

Very exciting! I’ll await their email. Thanks for reaching out to them :slight_smile:

Any progress on this one? Did you hear anything from Johan Nohr?

Hi @claes

It might be better to reach out to Sketch by e-mail at support@astraltabletop.com

Thanks for your work and support.

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I ended up making one as well (didn’t check the forums right lol). I would be interesting in comparing notes and seeing yours.

Just based on the picture I might add conditional logic to agility and defense rolls based on a check box for armor tier. The logic I used was !!(1d20 + {AGI} - {d2 ? 0:d4 ? 2:d6 ? 4:0}).

Some other notes:
-I added actions for all stats, abilities, items, weapons in the book. I also made the MBC’s Dead God’s Prophet class because one of my players wanted to play it.
-Yellow FFE900
-Pink FF3EB5
-I included the 3d6 roll options in the Class/Stat actions as relayed rolls.
-Rather than make buttons for the Stat Actions I made transparent action boxes to retain the fonts. Did the same thing for number of powers per day.
-I used Goblin One font