MÖRK BORG Character Template (Mooboo Version)

What is the game system your template is for?:

Brief summary of your character template:
This template is one of 3 currently submitted on the Astral forums. The highlights of sheet include:

-limited auto-character generation through tables
-Transparent Action boxes that preserve the original fonts of the character sheet
-Agility and defense adjusted for medium/heavy armor by a checkbox
-common rolls on the action bar
-A full compendium of all actions, abilities, items, scrolls, classes, ect from the source book.
-MBC Dark Gods Prophet support (more to come once I get my copy of Feretory)
-buttons for initiative and getting better

Crap Quality Youtube Video going over the sheet:

Link to character template:
Base Sheet:

The Character from the Video:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
No, all the mechanical aspects of the game are automated. The book would still be needed to reference flavor and some of the charts would be helpful.

This is a GREAT sheet. I’ve withdrawn my submission as yours is far better. (upvoted)

Version two of the sheet can be found here.

This version

-significantly upgrades the character generation actions
-improves the Getting Better action
-adds in certain missing items from the book
-improves the quality of some text within actions.
-removes flavor text from character generation actions in favor of new seperate actions to make playing your character easier.

Latest and most likely final version of the sheet until last roll, query roll, or some other features get added to Astral.

This Version

  • adds description auto-character generation including optional tables (transparent action over the word description on the sheet) and class descriptions (in the class actions). It’s (almost!) fully automated.
  • changed back the stat generation to be table based after a discussion in discord
  • cleaned up syntax in actions
  • linked HP and Omens to two health bars
  • adds some missing items from the character generation process (this should be all the items in core)

I’ve played in 3 games with this sheet now, and it runs great. Very intuitive to use, incredibly functional; I’d love to see it made official!

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