More than one dice flag in an action?

Would the following be possible?
–Roll 3d6
–Then keep the 2 highest
–Then explode the sixes
It seems that one cannot put more than one dice flag in one roll action?

Also, is it possible to explode ones downward? In other words, for each 1 rolled, roll and extra d6 and subtract it from the total?


Ooh, did you come in at a fun point.

We’re currently testing advanced roll flags, as well as roll flag combos in Beta. The testing is going very well, and we’re hoping to release it to the public Very Soon™

If you are impatient, you could always send me an email at requesting to become a beta tester :wink:

Thanks. Im excited!
Ill send that email, when I’m not playing :slight_smile:

Hi @bielie,

All the advanced roll flags are available to everyone! Here’s a documentation on the new syntax and combos:

Keep in mind, now flags can be combined, this is to expand our support to other systems.

Hope this helps! Of course you are always still welcome in the Beta Program.

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Can you give an example of the syntax?

Say for instance you roll 2d6. Sixes explode, but only the highest 2 dice are kept, the rest are dropped.


There is currently a bug in the exploding flag that any extra dice rolled are not considered by the keep highest and keep lowest flags.

However, when that bug is fixed, the roll will look like this:


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