More options for the "death" overlay and effects

I use Astral for a custom game system that has a dual HP system (Health Points, and Stun).
With this system, characters can be reduced to 0 stun without being killed or knocked unconscious (though this can happen when reduced to 0 Stun).

As I have sometimes upwards of 70 NPC’s on a map at any one time (large dungeons be large dungeons), and no way to link the sheets together I can only edit one of the character’s health bars without opening the character sheet. For ease of use and due to performance costs it’s imperative that I have the Stun bar on an NPC be edited like this. However, this means that characters at 0 stun, but not 0 hp who are still up and fighting get given the “death” status effect.

It would be nice to have the ability to toggle this on/off per HP bar so that these characters are not given an annoying overlay that obscures the tokens and automatically skips them in combat.

Another feature for this that I would love to see would be to have multiple tokens assigned to each character that are automatically replaced at different HP (and in my case Stun) thresholds. I know it’s a long shot but having a robot become visibly damaged at half health so that the players can always track which of multiple characters is more damaged would be a really nice feature.

Hi @yargon

I believe the “Dead” overlay is only linked to Bar 1.


Yes it is, but that’s also the same bar that is quick-editable, and as that’s the one that I edit the most I realistically have to have that set to the “stun” bar for the character