More options for Advanced Roll Flags

Only a few additions to the Die Roller would make it just about perfect.

  • Add an Equivalent comparison to all Advanced Roll Flags e.g. 1d20rr=10

  • Add the ability to use a second die roll for the comparison value e.g. 1d20rr=1d20

Apparently there are game systems out there that require the comparison of two die rolls and then explode if they are equal (rolling doubles) and then exploding again if the third roll is the same as the first two ad infinitum.

  • Add the ability to chain Advanced Roll Flags e.g. 5d10gte6lte1 to keep rolls higher than or equal to 6 and rolls equal to 1

This last option would allow for game systems such as White Wolf’s World of Darkness and New World of Darkness games to be played effectively on Astral.

  • Add a Flag for Threat Range, displaying the roll in Green if the roll is greater than or equal to a value e.g. 1d20tr18

This would also address the Feature Request I made previously at Color roll total green for specified Threat Range

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I’m upvoting this idea. Modiphius’ 2d20 dice pool system for settings such as Conan, Star Trek Adventures and many others, use variable success ranges where one die could count as two successes.

This feature is needed for Tunnels & Trolls.

I think it could get really difficult writing multiple chain rules or referencing them. I’m not against it, but it might be easier if there was a syntax for rolling, and then running multiple flags or math/ternaries against the result. Something like:


This could allow chaining of things like

{dieroll}lte1 - {dieroll}gte6

Chaining the tests basically creates a temporary variable for the tests, and the other VTT systems all appear to be using the same technique of chaining tests.

That been said, I have also discussed storage of die rolls in a temporary array so that each roll in a sequence can be tested against each other roll or used in multiple positions in an Action:

{roll[1]} > {roll[2]} ? {roll[1]} | {roll[2]}

Chaining is nice, but the array would be fantastic!

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