More options for Advanced Roll Flags

Only a few additions to the Die Roller would make it just about perfect.

  • Add an Equivalent comparison to all Advanced Roll Flags e.g. 1d20rr=10

  • Add the ability to use a second die roll for the comparison value e.g. 1d20rr=1d20

Apparently there are game systems out there that require the comparison of two die rolls and then explode if they are equal (rolling doubles) and then exploding again if the third roll is the same as the first two ad infinitum.

  • Add the ability to chain Advanced Roll Flags e.g. 5d10gte6lte1 to keep rolls higher than or equal to 6 and rolls equal to 1

This last option would allow for game systems such as White Wolf’s World of Darkness and New World of Darkness games to be played effectively on Astral.

  • Add a Flag for Threat Range, displaying the roll in Green if the roll is greater than or equal to a value e.g. 1d20tr18

This would also address the Feature Request I made previously at Color roll total green for specified Threat Range

If you like this idea and would like to see it implemented, please click on the Vote button to bump this up the list of ToDo items for the developers.

I’m upvoting this idea. Modiphius’ 2d20 dice pool system for settings such as Conan, Star Trek Adventures and many others, use variable success ranges where one die could count as two successes.


This feature is needed for Tunnels & Trolls.

I think it could get really difficult writing multiple chain rules or referencing them. I’m not against it, but it might be easier if there was a syntax for rolling, and then running multiple flags or math/ternaries against the result. Something like:


This could allow chaining of things like

{dieroll}lte1 - {dieroll}gte6

Chaining the tests basically creates a temporary variable for the tests, and the other VTT systems all appear to be using the same technique of chaining tests.

That been said, I have also discussed storage of die rolls in a temporary array so that each roll in a sequence can be tested against each other roll or used in multiple positions in an Action:

{roll[1]} > {roll[2]} ? {roll[1]} | {roll[2]}

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Chaining is nice, but the array would be fantastic!

Linking a related topic here:

Would like to combine !(1d6e6) with !(1d6>=5) So it explodes on 6 and tells me how many times it gets a roll of 5 or 6. This is required for a Shadowrun Edge Feature called “Push the Limits”.
In Shadowrun you get a “Hit” on a 1d6 roll of 5 or 6, and the “Push the Limits” Feature lets you roll an extra 1d6 for your hits that can explode on 6.


The chain of advanced Roll Flag is also mandatory for playing Legend of the Five Ring, so i’m upvoting this thread, complex dice feature is a must have for a platform like this ! :slight_smile:

I’m currently building a model for L5R as it is one of my favourite game, but without this feature, I just have to stop :frowning:

I would like to run free league games (forbidden lands, year zero, coriolis) and blades in the dark with family. These are games with dice pools where we need multiple results, not just “success” because partials and botches are needed.
Currently - the workaround is definining custom dice for that (which kinda works, but some additional options would be great)

A couple of approaches:
I would be fine if I could just tell the system to roll the number of d6:s required - and show all the faces (not the sum). That would go a long way to solving many conundrums in various systems.

If you could define and color not just success on a “6”, but botch on “1” and partial on 4-5 as an example. Custom dice again solve this - but not the coloring and representation part.
Also, the order is alway jumbled due to results - instead of clearly always showing successes first, the order gets random due to what die hits what first.

We also need options for rerolls - many systems have options to reroll misses (free league games for example) - so a way to just click on the misses to reroll would be fantastic.

In addition, use of variables and ability to do chained tests for much improved logic would be awesome.

Thanks for considering

Please make sure we can choose custom colors for these ranges and crits and botches. My Colorblind wifey thanks you.

My group barely noticed a crit the other night because the green was so barely different from the cyan of our action output.

After taking a look through all of the various advanced roll features, I found one thing I’d like to request in dice pools: Choosing a number or numbers that will result in failure, while all other numbers result in success.

For example, in dice pools currently, one can input (where x=# of dice, y=#of sides, and n=specific number target):


To roll for a specific number on a die and achieve success. Essentially, I would really like to see the inverse, where the number “n”, when rolled, results in failure, and all other numbers in success!

If this could be implemented, it would be great. Thanks for the read!

I second this, I would like to see a roll comparison added as I am using a system that compares dice to each others to make straights for critical but I don’t think its doable at the moment in astral.

There are lots of abilities in Dungeons & Dragons that require rerolling a die and keeping the new result, even if it’s lower. I’d love to be able to reroll dice based on flags like “ro” and not include the initial rolls in the sum.

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I’m actually here for the same reason as @PhantamaroK. Would love an option to reroll once, like with “ro” but have it actually replace the die it is rerolling.


More options for dice would be extremely handy. I like to run a whole lot of different games that aren’t quite supported by the current systems.

On that note, I couldn’t find it in the knowledge base so I think it’s not available, but I’d love to see some way to flag if two or more dice come up the same. It’s important for criticals in Corporation (2d10) and Eclipse Phase (d100), and I’m sure plenty of other systems.

One of the points I made when developing this Request was for the comparison of two die rolls.

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Hi everyone,
fully support this feature ! So just for the record and as discussed on Discord my use case. The system is for Keltia and Yggdrasil (7eme Cercle, french company)

  • In this sytem you roll a number of d10 equal to your characteristic but will only keep 2 dices and compare against a difficulty number to get a margin of success. The d10 are exploding dices so you would need to be able to combine exploding dice with keep 2 dice ({agi}d10e10kh2)
  • For the threat range it would be great to have the “success margin” visible as well on demand ideally there would be a potential to enter a difficulty setting in a cell before rolling, then rolling and substract difficulty level to get a final margin of success (e.g. difficulty setting is 14, you need to roll {agi}d10e10kh2, then you substract 14 and get a margin of success number)
  • Ideally you could “keep” some of the variables in a same action as an example the margin success obtained above can be used one step further to calculate damages = margin of success + weapon damage. So something like
    Threat Level ask ? -> store as threat level variable TR1
    !({agi}d10e10kh2 - TR1) = Margin Level variable ML1
    Damage = “ML1 + {Sword damage}”
    Being able to ask for a variable during an action would bring a lot of flexibility :slight_smile:

Extra idea : the ‘ask’ feature and stored variable in an action could also be used to ask for which skill you want to roll. This would allow to make flexible actions e.g. the system ask to roll characteristic dices, keep 2 and add the skill score to get the result.
Ideally you could create one roll action per characteristic and as first step ask which stat for modifier, then see a drop-down of all stat of the character.
So building on above, you do an agility roll of dice + acrobatic skill of 2 vs threat level of 14
Create a general action ‘Agility roll + skill’

  • Ask which skill -> acrobatic stat selected via drop down
  • Ask difficulty level -> 14 entered
  • Roll ({agi}d10e10kh2) + skill stat number of 2 - difficulty level of 14
    Then if we can store the margin it would also help for damage as above by allowing to select the weapon stat :slight_smile:
    I stop here for today :wink:

Hi @Thelvyn

There is actually a separate Feature Request for a Query Roll.