More logic for character sheets and other stuff

I’d like to see a little more programming logic for character sheets. Just to allow game rules to be embedded into the character sheets. For example, I’m running an ALIEN game. I have 2 Stat bars for the characters, health and stress. I wanted the Stress bar inverted so it starts with 0 and gradually climbs as the players increase their stress levels. The tick box is a default “0” and increases as the players tick the boxes:

{StressLvl01 + StressLvl02 + StressLvl03 + StressLvl04 + StressLvl05 + StressLvl06 + StressLvl07 + StressLvl08 + StressLvl09 + StressLvl10}

Fairly simple. Everything is zero so the bar is zeroed until the player ticks the box. The health bar (Green because I can’t label it “Health”) does the reverse. It would be nice if we could have some basic logic to reduce the above. It would allow the character sheet to take on some of the game mechanics directly.

Better character management is also needed for tracking character points during a game. There’s other stuff, I’ll dump my thoughts here when I can remember the rest :slight_smile:

hmm if you have checkboxes named as above…
and then create a stat called lets say StressTotal and in that stat put value as:

(StressLvl01 + StressLvl02 + StressLvl03 + StressLvl04 + StressLvl05 + StressLvl06 + StressLvl07 + StressLvl08 + StressLvl09 + StressLvl10)

That will make StressTotal stat have values from 0 to 10 based on the amount of checkboxes checked.
You can then make the bar on character based on the {StressTotal} stat value

For health what could be done is to have (10 - (WoundLv01+WoundLv02+WoundLv03…)) or as with stress if you start with boxes checked… and uncheck them as characters get wounded…

what would be cool would be to have the checkboxes interconnected so that when clicking lets say StressLvl05 checked it would also check checkboxes 01-04… and then clicking 02 off would make the 03-05 off ass well… but that would require some clever checkboxes grouping mechanism

There is a Feature Request for “Reactive Elements” that would allow that type of behaviour @lahouari

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