More icons!

I think more icons for actions etc. will be a great stuff… Also ability to import own icons will be great.

Seconded - also for Status effects.
I had thought of a few suggestions -

  • Up Chevrons (like the old Advantage icon)
  • Shield
  • Open Book
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Weather Cloud
  • Theatre Mask(s) eg Greek comedy/tragedy
  • Hare (to go with the tortoise!)

Savage Worlds has these States:

  • Shaken (No actions except move)
  • Distracted (-2 on action rolls)
  • Vulnerable (opponents are +2 on action rolls against you)
  • Stunned (really bad)
  • Entangled
  • Bound
  • Defending
  • Aiming
  • Prone

Also, I need a way to indicate which tokens are flying or climbing (could be the same icon) and the height.

And perhaps an icon for things that are taking ongoing damage (like on fire).

And (I keep editing this as I remember more things) I want to hide icons that I’m not using. Selecting from a giant menu of icons that aren’t relevant to my game slows things down.

I think the best solution might be to allow the character sheet to include a new set of icons, so they are custom to the rule set. So, Savage Worlds rules, Savage Worlds icons.

You could allow players or individual GMs to upload overrides or additions, but including them with the rules would cover most cases. Playing Savage Worlds in a pirate theme? Override with pirate icons.

It’s the best option, but have technic problem - how to prepare the set? The simplest way is prepare *.png files with settled size - furthermore - the symbol could use only 1 color and must have alpha chanell background. But the idea is greate, i like that much :slight_smile:

I think 1-color PNG files with alpha would be no problem. If GMs didn’t know how to create them, they could always find or buy them. A market for icons isn’t a bad thing.

The Icons that can be attached to Actions and the Status icons that Astral uses are in the SVG format. They are highly scalable vector images.