More flexible text-editing in character sheets

Hi there!

After seeing the lovely features on Astral I really want to transition my current game here. One thing that is holding me back, however, is the very limited text editing in character sheets.

I like having everything in one place, and adding character features and traits to my sheet is part of that. The formatting is extremely limited, however, and if I copy/paste texts from older character sheets to one in Astral, the text runs off the page.

My wish list item is, therefore, for there to be more extensive editing options in the text boxes in character sheets. My suggestions would be, in terms of my personal priority/preference:

*Not having text run off the page but instead constricting it to the box without having to manually edit/put random linebreaks to make it fit.
*Make it easier to enter texts.
Bigger text boxes in general. Particularly for features.
*Being able to align text to center.
*Basic editing options such as changing size, adding bold or italics, etc.
*Changing letter color from blue to black to make it more pleasing to the eye.

I hope you’ll take into consideration. Thank you for making and sharing such a wonderful TTRPG platform!

Hello @svearis. Welcome to the forums.

First off, you have made several suggestions here, and we generally like to have only one suggestion per discussion thread so that it can be clear to the Devs which suggestions are priorities.

Next, several (and possibly all) of your suggestions are covered by requests that have already been submitted. Here are some examples:

Long and short, for our forums to work most efficiently, please have a go at searching the forums and up-voting and commenting on existing feature requests. If you can’t find a request for a feature that you want, by all means post a new thread. (As I can personally attest to, in the instance where there is an existing thread but I couldn’t find it by searching, people here are quite nice about pointing it out.) All of this is to help us get votes where they need to be, and to avoid splitting votes among multiple similar or identical feature requests, so that the Devs can see what we are really interested in.

Once again, welcome to the forums!

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// Closing as existing Feature Request - Thanks @SnowyRiver