More explanation about character sheets?

I just discovered Astral and I was under the impression that it had a more complete character sheet for D&D 5e, like the ones in roll20, for example. I’ve seen it in older videos and I can’t figure out how to do it in this new interface. Also, I have no idea what “sheet URL” means. Is it literally just a place to paste a URL for anything? Is it an internal URL or something else that opens inside the game?

The problem is that the amount of content I find online about this seems to be outdated and I can’t tell if I’m just not finding those features or they were removed. The FAQ and GM Compendium so far lack a proper explanation.

As of now, all I want is a D&D 5e character sheet that works similarly to the ones in roll20, with the same fields and auto completion. Is that even a thing? How do I do it? Where do I find such answers?

Thanks in advance

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I wrote up a Player’s Guide that should actually provide the answers to most of these questions.
(I did not know that this embeds the WHOLE post when pasting a URL inside the forum to another page).

But, on character sheets, they’re all in-session for now, URL is so that you can just post character sheet (usually PDFs or similar file types) for just ease of access. The Astral team was made aware that many people are just using this as nothing more than a dice roller and visualization tool and saw interest in plenty of game systems, so building “bit more agnostic” was a goal with V2.

So, since V2 is the first iteration of a system-agnostic based version of this software, right now all character functionality is per-session with expansion to the out-of-game/session character sheet system being planned for later.


I forgot to point out though.

If you build out one character in your GM Session, you can copy this character and all attribute definitions will be copied as well.

Thanks for the answer. I did indeed read part of this player’s guide. I was just confused because of old videos, guides, tutorials and screenshots. Until I realized “Oh, its a new thing and they removed some features to bring new ones” I struggled a bit trying to find a way to use a proper D&D sheet.

Also, it led me to confusion because I was asked to select what system I was using when creating a game. I came from roll20, so I was expecting a different character sheet based on the system selected. I understand now that this is not a thing yet and I look foward to seeing more options. The work here is amazing.

Little feedback:
Unfortunatelly, this little feature is - as of now - the only thing preventing my group to fully migrate to Astral. We feel the need for a more complete character sheet in-app. Not even worried about out-of-session, but just a more complete sheet like the ones in roll20. For example, when I select World of Darkness, theres a sheet for the sytem, same for Dungeon World, for D&D, etc. Or a more feature-rich sheet builder with different field styles and options so one can customize it better. (Imagine creating a google forms, but now it’s a RPG character sheet. There’s plenty of different options for “answer fields” there). That’s my 2 cents.

I perfectly understand this is a work in progress, so hope I can help by expressing just another vtrpg group opnion and tastes. Astral is beautifully done and fluid.

Thanks once again!

Personally that’s a reasonable response. There’s definitely some tedium in having to define these things yourself per session or per game. That said, this is an initial deployment of V2, it’s likely you’ll be able to define things out of game for yourself as well in the future, and just assign the base character sheet to your players. It’s just not in there yet.

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