More control over status icons

In addition to the regular-going suggestion around to be able to put a status icon on a token by just right-clicking said token, I got a bit struck by a couple of things during a D&D game that felt like they’d be really handy to have.

For the first, it feels like most of the status icons available are a bit superfluous for a given game. I really would love it if I could, in the settings for the campaign, choose only a limited number of status icons that are available – and then give each of them a clear name and description. So that everyone always knows that status icon X always means this condition, or this effect.

Basically just be able to edit the status icon list for a specific campaign to say, these icons are the ones in use and they are used for these specific things.

For the second, especially during combat, be able to flag a duration for a status icon. Some kind of ability when setting the icon to say “on round X, end the status at the end of this character’s turn”.

There is a Feature Request for Custom Icons.

This is a bit beyond just adding custom icons, though. Adding custom icons would also be really nice, especially if it’s an RPG where there is a general consensus about a particular icon meaning a particular thing.

But this is more about just, setting it up clearly in a campaign that a specific icon is for a specific status. Give it a name that people can see. Maybe even append a description that can hold the rules for how that particular status works?