More control over grid Unit Size

Request: Allow us to set grid values to non-integer values.

How I would like to see it implemented: The “Unit Size” field would allow non-integer values to allow for even more control over measurement. So a grid would measure 2.5 feet rather 5.

Reasoning: This would make it much easier to have consistent and logical measurement settings between maps when playing a game system that does not use a traditional grid.

Perhaps to add this, allow units to be non integer sizes as well. That way ,in d&d for example, it is easier to create enemies that are of a size that is less than the square size (small, tiny, etc)

I actually have a suggestion for that here:

It would be most appreciated outside of the new continent too. Most D&D maps grids are 5ft by 5ft. In meters it translate into 1.5m by 1.5m (which we use here on the old continent).

Since it’s mainly a displayed number, it’s possible to emulate it by putting 15 meters and then imagine it’s 1.5m. This trick works for sight range as well, the default 60 feet is therefore 180 meters. However we are then limited by the 300 unit maximum. It’s annoying for Drow darkvision for example : it’s 120 feet = 36 meters, which translate into 360 meters with the trick.

Good news everyone! This is now possible via the new Grid settings from the hotbar. You don’t even have to enter map edit mode anymore!

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// Closing as implemented.