More Character Sheet Templates (Esp. Coriolis)

My main wish is for a Coriolis character sheet: But here is incentive for you guys to build us more sheets. If sheets are ready to roll, then you can get players to jump in a game fast. Many of us rpg players switch games , and try to motivate our friends to try out new things. So to get people using Astral, I want them to be able to jump in now!

I have 4 major VTT’s …Astral is just my favorite. But the decision to use a VTT now is based on how much pre built content is on it (You have awesome maps!). If astral had more character sheets for games, it would really entice others to join up, and together we can really make this a great system.

For instance…when we were playing conan…had to use another VTT because it was all ready to go with custom character sheets and rules. We are playing coriolis…and I am forcing my group to use Astral (they will love it…) but man I would love to have them making characters on sheets right now without having to drag and drop and program. The energy to play is now! Anyway…my two cents…thanks for the cool system guys!

Hi @Orbstar and welcome to the Forums

Please post your requests for new systems in Which rulesets and systems would you like to use in Astral?

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