Monsters/Token being in a special Fog of War layer

I am not sure if this is feasible but here is an item to think about.

  • As a character reveals an area, it stays revealed for them even after he leaves that area. So if a character explores a wilderness area with a flight spell, he knows what the full map looks like even after he returns to the party. This will help us older folks whose memory is bad to then guide the rest of the party towards the end goal.
  • But if this is implemented and the GM then moves his monsters into the revealed area they will be seen ā€“ which is a problem. So can the monster tokens that move into the area be put under a fog of war individually so they need to be re-noticed the next time the characters move into the area.

In other words, have two Fog of War layers ā€“ one for the map and one for the moving tokens.

Hello @Longetalos.

As I noted on the post you made in the Manual Fog of War request thread, this is already how the DL FOW works.

Again I must agree with @SnowyRiver. Iā€™m closing this request as already implemented in the Fog of War feature.

// Closed - Already implemented.