Mobile DMing

Could the first game tutorial be reviewed/revised for mobiles? I use a tablet for accessibility reasons, but the tutorial is not encouraging me to move my Discord game to Astral. I can’t press space, I don’t have a space bar! Bringing up a character sheet means I have to close everything else in order for the character sheet to respond to my attempts to scroll over to close it.

I appreciate mobile is really awkward to develop for, and Astral is so close to being what my group needs - I’d love to see more improvements, and a tutorial specific to mobile could help bridge that gap

It might be a long time before Astral is officially supported on non-desktop systems.

At the moment mobile is only officially supported for the popout features such as Chat, Music and Combat Manager.


One way we could get support for mobiles faster is to make a Feature Request.

This will enable voting on the topic which can help us gauge public interest. When prioritizing new tasks, we try to consider community feedback first. When creating a feature request or voting, also include info on why this feature is important to you. Not only does it give us more insight as to what direction we should take when designing the feature, but it also bumps that feature request up, increasing visibility.

You can only vote once, but we encourage all productive discussion about improvements.

Thanks for being a part of the community, I hope we can fulfill your TTRPG needs!