Mixed Dice Pool

Hello everyone…

We will play to savage world this week end, and the Savage World Character submitted sheet isn’t yet available.

So, i try to do one by myself. There’s some tips or tutorials for Mixed Dice pool? Or some pattern for A Savage world Dive roll?

Thank you

Hi @Iardwain, I’d love to help!

So, here’s a great example of a Savage Worlds setup, straight from the sheet we’re awaiting review on.

| | |
| --- | --- |
| Attribute die | !(d{agility_die}e{agility_die} + {agility_bonus} - {trait_penalty})  |
| Wild die |  !(d{wild_card ? 6 : 0}e{wild_card ? 6 : 0} + {agility_bonus} - {trait_penalty}) |
| Penalties | {trait_penalty} |

where agility_die is controlled by a series of checkboxes, and the agility_die is a stat with the following contents:

{ agility_die_d12 ? 12 : agility_die_d10 ? 10 : agility_die_d8 ? 8 : agility_die_d6 ? 6 : 4 }

Each of those agility_die_d# stats are checkboxes indicating which die is to be used.

I hope this helps! We’re hoping the publisher of Savage Worlds reaches out to us soon to give us permission to launch the template, so stay tuned for any announcements there.

I have a Savage Worlds Character Sheet created by another user who was kind enough to share it. It isn’t an official one but it may hold you over until they hopefully get permission for a real one. I’ve invited you to a session if you want a copy of it

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@LeibyChristopher and @SketchParker
Thanks a lot for sharing and your responses

And your invitation of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep the sheet has been assigned to you. So you should be able to save it to your vault and use it now

If you could kindly send me an invite and assign the sheet to me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Sorry for the wait. I sent you the invite and have the sheets copied over as soon as I see you have logged in I’ll get them assigned to you.