Measuring tool or the ability to resize objects to a set number of units


I think the ability to use some kind of arrow tool to quickly count how many squares an objet is would be a nice feature to have when building a dungeon to exact dimensions. That or the ability to resize an object to say 2x12 to make that stretch of wall without having to count every little grid square.

Or even some kind of visual que option in the grid squares themselves might be another solution. Say every 5 squares the lines are a different color to make counting a bit easier.

Of all the options the resize an object to exact number of pixels/grid squares is probably the best but if not possible any of the options listed would be an improvement.


Thanks for this suggestion, it’s been noted and I’ll see what I can do!

I like the idea of the grid changing color slightly every couple of spaces or so as an easy way to solve this. The measuring tool is something I was going to prioritize for online but maybe worth investing some time now to see what can be done.

How would you expect a feature to resize an object to 2x12 work? Open to your suggestions.

Not sure on when this will land in an update but I’ve filed a ticket and will be looking into it!



Well in similar programs to this you would usually right click the object and select an option from there to resize it. In most it has a drop down box of units of measurements, but in this case I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have anything but grid square units or maybe pixels.

You would usually have a length and width to type in, usually displaying the current dimensions of the object with an option to adjust it to a new value. This helps in both finding out the exact size of an object you are using but also allowing you to instantly make objects any size without messing with the stretching tool.


Ah, interesting!

There is the edit pane on the sidebar where you can adjust x/y, height/width - does that help? Or are you looking for a feature where you can say "cover 2x12 grid spaces, whatever pixels that may be.)


On the note of the conversation, I find it a little difficult to match up things like the dirt roads. I’ll post a picture, but I’m having trouble to where they don’t really meld into each other quite well. No matter how I change the order in the sidebar it’s obvious where a new asset is being put in. I’m not quite sure if there even is a fix for this issue, but it’s just a little annoying.

Also I’m not quite sure what it is about resizing the assets by using the corners/side scrolls, but it just feels a little off… Maybe it’s the fact that it closes in on the other side as well kind of throws me off. I’m not quite sure. I know this isn’t constructive criticism as I don’t really have an answer as to what would make it “better” but it’s all I got. :frowning:

Edit: Forgot picture again.


Could I encourage you to try some premium assets from the marketplace? :smiley: Joking aside (mostly), I’m aware some tiles are frustratingly out of line in the free set.

I have in the backlog a priority to research upgrading packs in-app so if I or another artist on the marketplace want to update a set, we can. For transparency, it’s not a super high priority but I have considered it.

Sincerely appreciate you reporting issues with the tileset itself but unfortunately I’m not sure I can do much about it at the moment. Still open to feedback or suggestions, workarounds, etc.


Edit: To pitch a potential workaround, I’ve been lying down dirt patches beneath the paths to blend them a bit better. It’s not ideal but it was something that worked in the meantime for me.

Another user had pitched the idea of a blend/smudge tool.


I didn’t expect for it to be a high priority, and I do plan on getting some of the premium assets. I’ll have to take a look and see how the dirt patches/grass patches under would look. I’m personally not the biggest fan of using plain dirt like that, it was simply something that I had noticed! Thanks a bunch for the reply!


Of course!

I actually just started some new features today including flip horizontal/vertical and the first button that will eventually bring you down the path of creating and playing a game!

Good things coming! Thanks again for your patience, understanding, and most of all for reporting the issues you’ve found! Means a lot for me and the community :slight_smile:


Seems like a great program! I am really falling in love with it the more and more I use it. Happy to be of help any way I can! I look forward to watching this grow and hopefully helping a little on the way!