Master Templates that can be updated

After I create a character sheet template and players are using it, I’d like to be able to improve it without forcing players to recreate their character.

Action formulas are often complex, and there are 40 or more of them, and they can have bugs or need improvement later. For example, here’s a formula for rolling Agility using their Agility skill, or a default of d4-2 if they don’t have the skill:

d{sResearch==0 ? 4 : sResearch}+{sResearch==0 ? -2 : sResearchBonus} is
 *!( 1d{sResearch==0 ? 4 : sResearch}e{sResearch==0 ? 4 : sResearch}
 +{sResearch==0 ? -2 : sResearchBonus} )*
, Wild is **!( {sResearch==0 ? 0 : 1}d{Wild}e{Wild} )**

Now, suppose I want to update all 40 skill rolls to automatically account for impairment due to wounds or fatigue? I need a way to update the template that my players are using without forcing them to recreate their character stats.

Since weapon and spell lists cannot be set up in the list of Attributes, this has to go beyond preserving Attributes; Actions added by the player have to also be preserved.

It would be nice to have some Abilities be immutable, thus avoiding players overwriting Abilities and then losing that work when the source Template is updated.

The idea of a true Master Template, that is cloned for each character at game time, and then has the players mutable data loaded into that clone, would allow for such updates to occur invisibly, and also save on vast amounts of storage space as only the mutable data would need to be stored between game sessions, and not a complete copy of the template for each character built using that template.

I’m really hesitant to release my character sheet right now because there are a lot more features I can add, but as soon as it’s out there players are locked in. Enabling frequent and invisible updates would be a win for everyone.