March News: Super Awesome Progress Update!


The V2 experience is out on Beta only! If you’d like to become a Beta Tester, use the feedback submission on the Astral Website with the topic "Beta Tester."

Hello, Beta Team! As a quick introduction, I’m Ashley, the new tech witch — I mean, marketing director — here at Astral. I’ll be tag-teaming these updates with James from now on and you can always poke either of us on Discord if you need anything!

Our team is very excited to announce what you’ve all patiently waited for… drumroll

:tada: Astral’s Super Awesome Epic V2 Alpha Experience!* :tada:

(*Working name. We’ll just call it V2 for now.)

Starting today, you now have access to the V2 alpha build, which has a ton of new AND improved features. This build is exclusive to our beta team.

Important note: With the V2 experience, you will not be able to access games made for the V1 experience. If you create a game with V2, you can only use V2.

Here’s the scoop on this build:

  • The full V2 experience is in-progress by our hardworking dev team. However, the alpha build has everything you need to run a game. :computer:

  • Sounds and animations will be supported — we’ll share more details on this in the near future. :parrot:

  • All of the add-on sections are now modular and can be popped out to new windows, screens, and devices. :calling:

  • The combat tracker and dice roller are revamped and cooler than ever, with plenty of customizable features in the pipeline. :game_die:

  • The audio add-on can now support playlists to accompany your encounters. :musical_note:

  • WE GOT DYNAMIC DOORS, PEOPLE! (Our team was VERY excited about this break-through — shoutout to our awesome devs!)

We may call you our beta team, but you’re the alphas of our hearts. (Womp womp.) We sincerely hope you enjoy the new experience and strongly encourage you to submit bug reports and feedback.

We also value your thoughts and feature requests! Everything we implement is to make the Astral experience easier and more immersive for you.

Additionally, we’re making some changes to our website. This entails updating our existing webpages to reflect our updated platform and creating new pages for, well, cool new stuff. You’ll see these sitewide changes implemented throughout March. If you land on missing pages or stumble upon dead links, don’t fret — this is to be expected. All site sections will still be accessible during this transition.

Fare-thee-well, adventurers,
Ashley + James
(Marketing Warlock and CX Wizard, respectively)
Unicorn Heart Club :unicorn::hearts::clubs:

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