Maps not fitting into Map windows

I’m not sure how to word my title, but I’ll show you a picture.

See? I like the default lobby for now. How come it doesn’t fit that window properly. Looks sloppy to me. I thought maybe it was Chrome, so I downloaded FireFox and I’ve got the same problem. Wasn’t sure how to word what I’m looking for so I apologize if this has been covered before.

Thank you!

Hi @Dagg_Nabbitt,

This is a bug. Could you please click on the “Report Bug” button in your game?
The devs will appreciate having more info on this issue.

Of course! Bug report on the way!

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Hi @Dagg_Nabbitt,

I just tried saving a map and it seems like the devs just fixed this. Could you confirm if it’s fixed on your side?


Confirmed. Bug appears to be quashed, and preview windows actually frame better now than before.

Please let us, or the devs through a bug report, know if you are still experiencing issues.

WooHOO! Fixed! Much better now, thank you, thank you!

// Closing as Resolved