Map Viewing

Can I show players the next map without moving or dropping their token on it? I have map one going on for combat, but then I want to switch to the next slide (map 2) which is actually a picture of the enemies face that I want to click on in the middle of battle when I’m speaking as the enemy. I want to be able to flip from map one to map two quickly without dropping players tokens. So people can see the switch back and forth.

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Hi @johnmreyes and welcome to the Forums

Unfortunately Astral currently requires that you move the players to a map so that they can see it. The Feature Request for a Camera Man would work around that issue.

As for now, what I do is create a map layer with any images that I want to pop up, and set up triggers to the side of the map to show and hide those pop up images whenever I want.

As an example, the GM Guides in most of the free game modules on Astral work that way.

Thanks. Still brand new to this. I just tried out the trigger setup as you suggested. It works close enough to what I’m trying to do. Thank you again.

Same here. I do this for multi-story buildings. Lay the maps on top of one another and create triggers to the side that show one level and hide all others. I even put a text box over each trigger to show the number of the floor that will be visible. It works out to be kind of like pressing buttons on an elevator.

What this method does not allow for is for different characters to be on different levels at the same time. There is a request for triggers to allow interaction with character tokens, i.e., move tokens from one map to another or from one location on a map to another location on that map.

It also doesn’t hide any NPCs that shouldn’t move along with the characters. There’s a request out there for that as well.

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to point out that now with the Canopy layer, you can reveal your images ABOVE everything else on the map using a Trigger. Because it is above the Dynamic Lighting it can be seen even if you place it in an area of the map that would normally be hidden by DL.

Just don’t place it where you expect your players to be standing because anything displayed above them will be made only 50% opaque.