Map View - Vault Toolbar Improvements


Building a map is super easy, but as you start to import more assets or purchase more asset packs, it will quickly become difficult to scroll through all the options to find what you want. The interface is relatively intuitive, however, adding a collapsible folder view would help as the number of imported folders and assets pack grow.

For example if you click on the name of the asset pack it should collapse down and only show the name of the asset pack. Click on the name again, it should expand to showing the items in that folder/pack. If you have 10, 15, 20 or more asset packs, you will need to scroll quite a bit to find the pack you are looking for.

  • As a user of PowerVTT, I would like to be able to collapse imported folders and/or map packs so that I can more easily scroll through all of the different folder/map packs available to me.

Easier asset navigation?

Glad you find it easy to build maps so far!

I agree that the folders should allow you to get between content faster. I’ve added this to the priority list, I think it’s definitely possible to fix this in the next release.

Thank you for the feedback!


In a similar topic of organization it would also be nice to have folders, groups or something with the maps themselves. Just a big alphabetical list of all the maps gets a bit cluttered after a while. It would be nice to be able to put all of the maps about the same city, town, country etc together.

In the very least some kind of archive function to remove important but seldom used maps from your map list. That way you could at least hide away your completed maps while you work on newer ones.