Map thumbnail after latest update

Hi, I looked through the knowledgebase and other replies first, but couldnt find an answer.

before, when i uploaded a map, there was a definite “edge” to the grid, and putting the map on the top left of the grid made it appear in the preview pane, and limited the size of the grid.

Now, when i drop a map in the editor, the grid appears infinite, and the preview does not update -

  1. is this a new thing?
  2. if the grid isn’t sized to the map, does this effect performance?
  3. if it does, how do i remove the infinite grid so my players don’t see a huge map with infinite grid, and just a small .jpg in the middle?


Hi @xen0n ,

The new map editor indeed has an infinite grid now, this is a new feature. In reality, this is just a map editor thing, and it shouldn’t affect performance. Nor should the players be able to see it (I just did a quick test to make sure). Even before this update, you were free to place an asset beyond the “edge” and the editor would update accordingly.

Regarding the cropped/panned preview/thumbnail: that’s a bug. Devs are already aware of this, but please do hit the Bug Report button if you can. I’m sure the devs appreciate having more info.

Awesome roflo, thanks for the info.

The thumbnail thing isn’t really a big deal, I was more worried about the performance hit (if there was one).

I will report it to help the devs out, but I am not bothered either way :slight_smile:

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