Map textures not loading?

Hey new here, how come my map textures aren’t loading on chrome?

Not gonna lie bit fussy and kinda enjoy all my tabs on one browser and I was wondering if at very least anyone else is having this problem?

And if any of you have a solution that would be even better!

Thank you!

Do you have any examples of what this looks like? It helps the devs based on other posts. Screenshots and gifs are common for these types of things

fred%20screenshot image

So two screenshots should be here, the first one is from my screen and the other is from my friend’s. No idea why but the texture isn’t loading at all on my end and none of us can figure out why?

attempt 2 at showing screenshots, apologies for before

Hi Bucket Sentry. I appear to be experiencing similar issues today. My map becomes totally grey (instead of white) and I am unable to interact with the map, just the rest of the user interface.


Is it weird that it’s comforting someone else has got this issue as well?

Hopefully they’ll see our posts and do something about it!

Hey @BucketSentry,

I just saw your report in our system but figured I’d address this issue for everyone here (sorry for slight delay in responding on the forums. Hello, everyone :wave:)

If you encounter a white screen it is most likely because Hardware Acceleration is turned off in Chrome (tl;dr we use GPU code to run some processes to cut down on CPU usage.)

Try navigating to chrome://settings/, search for “Hardware Acceleration”, and ensure it’s enabled. Restart your browser and your maps should load normally.

If you’re encountering errors after this, please send me a message and I would be happy to help debug this.

Thank you for taking the time to report and for your patience in getting this resolved.

We’re always open if you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns for us :slight_smile:


Hey Tom,

Not gonna lie, you’re an absolute legend!
It works perfectly now!
Thank you so much!

Best regards,

I am having the same issue and currently have it enabled and the maps will not load. Having the same issue with images as well.

Hi @daviboi26ut,

I’d encourage you to drop me a bug report from within the application. From there I can get some metadata that will help me figure out what’s going on.

In the meantime, try uploading new assets directly to your vault, or if assets aren’t displaying during map editing when you place them directly on the map from an upload, try waiting a few moments, saving the map and refreshing.

Hope this helps, I’ll keep an eye out for your report.