Map Size


I am trying to make a city map for my players and have created the majority of the actual foundations. But as I was creating the actual buildings, I hit a layer limit. I was wondering if there is a way past that limit and what exactly that limit is?

I think I read on another post that the asset limit was removed. Is there a difference between an asset limit and a layer limit?


Asset and layers are the same thing when using the map editor. Every asset / trigger has its own layer.

There used to be an imposed limit of 100 layers, that has been removed, but you may have hit a hard limit with the number of layers that you are using.

Would you mind hitting the bug report for that issue? The staff will then be able to get back to all of us and let us know what the specifics are, if it is relevant for us to know.


Submitted, I decided to see if I could figure out what was going on and it seems like the layer limit is still behind the subscription. I was going to try and take a picture of the error message but now it no longer shows up.

Hi @to_policy,

No, the layer limit was a hard upper limit we set due to performance reasons. We didn’t expect anyone to reach that upper limit, but you have quite the large amount of assets!

We’ve upped the hard limit again, but please be aware that the number of objects you are putting on your map may cause issues with performance on some of your players devices. If you run into this issue, please export your map to “flatten” the image, then reupload as a single image. This will provide you with better FPS and UI responsiveness in-game.

I think this map may be to large in general. I have been trying to export just the background into a jpeg or png for a little while now and its not working. After some investigation it seems my image quality is 264 megapixels. lol

I would recommend checking out the performance tips page here

There are a lot of things you can do to make a large map run pretty well. The biggest one is making sure the background image isn’t all one giant image. Currently, the game only loads assets that are in view, including background map images. If your map background is one giant image, it’ll load the whole thing all at the same time. If it’s split into 5x5 tiles, it’ll only load the tiles that it needs to load at any time. This is true of all assets.

If your image is that large, I suspect the biggest performance improvement you could make would be to export the image and then split it into a bunch of tiles yourself. 264 megapixels is… a lot, so you might need a tool specifically for image tiling. I’m not sure what size is the most beneficial.

Finally, the game map honestly might run fine as it is. It’s a lot of separate assets, but if the map is spread out, it could be fine since, like I said, it only loads assets that are in view at any time.

I had a similar problem, also when making a map for a whole city. I found that splitting the maps into different pieces made a world of difference. I started by splitting my maps manually using Photoshop. That was not the most fun thing, especially on the bigger maps. To help save my sanity, I searched and found this:

I hole that it might help you, too.