Map size vs Toolbars


Just an opinion here, but I feel that the map is overpowered by all of the other menu bars.


  • Scale down side bars to make more room for the actual map making?
    -scalable so the user can adjust it to their liking?

  • Narrow down the asset list to 2 columns? Yes this makes the scroll list longer but you have more room to work with the map.

  • Scale the asset images down and give the thumbnails a mouseover to enlarge a preview?

Nice work so far. Keep it up!


@DM_Justin Love these suggestions and they are all very doable.

Online gameplay I’ve already started to explore thinner sidebars because I ran into a similar thought pattern. I would be delighted to bring this to the editor.

I like the suggestion to make the sidebar thinner/larger on your own, I never considered that and will explore the possibility!

I also like the zoom when hover for the asset list.

I’ll let you know when I get an update out for this, hopefully in a day or two.

Thanks for the suggestions and welcome to the community!



Awesome quickness on the reply.
Glad you like the ideas and are willing to implement them.

And a HUGE thank you for making this available to the community, I’m always looking for better ways of quickly making maps for my campaigns!


@DM_Justin Community feedback is my #1 priority. If I’m not listening and actively replying to you folks then I’m not doing my job at making this the best VTT possible.

Glad you enjoy it so far!


bump, even a show hide button or enlarge/shrink on the assets and layers would open up the map area greatly.

Keyboard shortcuts for these would also be great, as it could increase work flow a lot.

Awesome job on the map creator, everything in the right place


@mcgi5sr2 Bump noted

The latest update shrunk the right sidebar by nearly half but I suppose even more space is desired, which is great!

I’ll look to see what I can do. Thanks for speaking up!


Edit: How would you feel about “Ctrl+1”, “Ctrl+2” for opening/closing these sidebars? The only reason they were never on a shortcut was because I didn’t think users would be closing them all that often :slight_smile: And this is why feedback is so important to me!


@mcgi5sr2 I wanted to quickly update you to let you know that v.0.7.0 includes keyboard shortcuts to toggle the sidebars.

Hope you enjoy!


Tom, love to hear the feedback is your first priority! Your product is amazing and as more people start using it you’ll soon be overwhelmed by suggestions! LOL

Adding to this topic, In the assets bar I think the image when you hover should be bigger, currently it seems it’s just 2x the size. I think 3x or 4x would be nicer


@eklam Thank you sincerely for the kind words :blush: I’ll look to see what I can do for the preview thumbs. I think in the new web version this has already been considered but I’ll make sure.