Map is black in tutorial

Hello all,

I am new trying this out for the first time. I was going thru the tutorial and got to the maps part and the map is just black. the only way i saw the text of the instructions was turning on the godly lights.
(I also had trouble making any of the character actions work at all)

screenshot attached. same result no matter which map i choose.

I am running on a chromebook with google chrome. Anyone know what the fix could be?


Unfortunately the Chromebook has a very under powered graphics chipset. You might not be able to run Astral with any Dynamic Lighting enabled on any maps.

Hi, new here and checking out Astral. The tutorial map is also black for me, and I’m on PC, using Chrome. Is this normal?

EDIT: this is Map 2

Also, the tutorial seems broken. Here it’s asking me to use token actions on the bottom but they do nothing.

EDIT: Nvm, they explain that the result is in chat, very unintuitive and it should be said BEFORE we try clicking the buttons! I was spamming the buttons with no indication that something was happening.

Hi @Andargor,

I’m trying to reproduce the problem but everything seems working fine on my end. Which version of Chrome are you using? (I have version 86.0.4240.75) Are you able to see other maps? Have you tried refreshing the page? Do you know which graphics card you have?

Also… don’t hesitate to report a bug if it seems like an error to you (bug-shaped icon in the bottom right of the screen). Astral’s devs will appreciate it.

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Yup! Please always report if there’s an issue like this. We use reports to track issues and provide the Dev team with metadata useful in their troubleshooting.

It seems that the actions not automatically popping out the Chat window is another bug, please file that separately. Normally, actions should pop-out the Chat window when clicked if it’s not already done.

one thing i noticed is that if a char sheet or handout is maximized, the Chat window pops out under those, which can be frustrating if you are editing code for a sheet.

Is there a way to, if not stuck out with ], have the chat bar pop out (and go back 3-4 seconds later) on top until locked if a char sheet window is maximized when a Action is ‘rolled’?

You might want to try popping the chat window out for that.