Map Help


I am new to Astral, and giving everything it has to offer a try- The thing that is stumping me most is creating a map.

For reference, I am GMing a game using a laptop.

A list of questions:

  1. How do I zoom in on just the map when I’m creating a map?
    I try using “ctrl +” to zoom, but then everything gets bigger, and soon I can’t see the map at all. :joy:
    Zooming out with “-” seems to work, but not zooming in with “+”.

  2. How do I delete an asset once I’ve put it down?
    I want to get a wall that I placed on my map off of my map, but it’s too far gone back for me to
    simply “Undo”. Tried right clicking on the asset and couldn’t find a way to get it off.

  3. Is there any way to change the number of spaces on a map without changing the pixels per inch?
    I really want to make a map that encompasses a small area (a house), so there aren’t many
    squares needed. However, to change the number of squares on the map, I also need to change the
    ppi, which makes editing really difficult (especially when I started at very high ppi :joy:)

If there can be any help, it would be much appreciated. It’s nice to know people are active on the forums here.

(Screenshot of how it appears for me)

Hello @StephTheAwesome1

You can select the wall Asset that you want to delete from the list on the left and just click Del to remove it from your map.

To change the number of grid squares without having to edit your map itself, you can change the Grid Size. Increasing the grid size will in effect reduce the number of grid squares on your map!

Enjoy playing on Astral