Map Grid starting to big

While creating maps the overall grid is huge now, it use to be much more limited and expanded as you added assets. IS this how it will be moving forward?

I think this was a recent update to make the grid infinite from the beginning, instead of expanding it as you add layer elements.

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Yes. Once you have saved the map, only the area covering the rectangle which fits your map layers will display.

No need to worry about your players seeing an infinite grid.

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That isn’t happening. No matter how I save the map, the grid is infinite and both my players and I get easily lost. This was a foolish move honestly.

Hi @Arturiousrye,

It’s expected for the GM to see an infinite grid, but this shouldn’t happen to your players. Could you report a bug for that please?

And in the meantime, remind your players that they can press [Enter] to center the map on their characters.

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Also, if you enable Dynamic Lighting, your players should be limited to the boundaries of the map image.

I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a resolution?

The grid is Always shown as infinite to the GM unless a token is selected.

If you experience an issue where players can see off the edges of the map, please use the Bug Report tool.