Map Failing to Load


This issue appears to have similarities to the post by “bucketSentry”.

I joined my GM’s game tonight. Shortly after he placed my character token on the map and I refreshed the page, I was no longer able to view the map. The map itself was replaced with a solid grey block. Weirdly, when I initially was loading the page, I partially saw the map textures before it turned grey. See attached screenshots from the video I took.




This issue appears tied to player accounts. I tried viewing the campaign map as a player on three separate browsers and two different computers.


The GM gave me GM access to my account. I was able to load the map then. We then added a test account to the campaign. I used that test account and couldn’t load the map. The map at the time had 48-49 “textures.”

We will be testing a smaller map size to see if this issue persists. I will edit this post when we do so.

Hi @Slicer51b,

Thanks for reaching out! Firstly, my sincere apologies that this had gone unnoticed for so long! This will change moving forward. The Astral Team is most active in Discord, and any requests or reports sent in via the bugs/feedback submission forms on our site generally receive a response within 24 hours. That being said, threads on our forums shouldn’t go unnoticed for months at a time.

To respond to your issue, we also had one of our players having this exact problem. We haven’t quite tracked down what it is that’s causing this issue, but we are releasing a new experience very soon that should fix it for good.

If you have any other issues, please let us know! The bug reporting tool at the bottom of our site provides us with additional information that can help us track down the exact cause of issues, so if you are able to take the time to use it when you run into problems, we can improve the site for everyone.