Map Editor Features


So far I like the way the maps look textures are crisp and clean.

A few suggestions to make things better, and easier to use.

  1. A brush feature for assets, it is tedious to place 600 trees or floor tiles to make a room or forest that with a brush could take moments.

  2. The ability to set a size numerical by grid when you place a tile. Say you want a 35 foot by 30 foot room. A place to type in Height: 7 Width:6 that would then place a texture in that space.

  3. A polygon shape function with a texture fill so you could create odd shaped rooms with just a drag of the mouse.

  4. The ability to sort added assets in the vault. Like a “new folder” system where you can create and name a folder to help you keep thousands of images straight while map making.

Any thoughts?


Thank you for the kind words and even more so for taking the time to voice your suggestions! Let me try and answer them in order.

  1. A brush tool sounds like a good idea. I actually saw a really nice gif of a simple tile-based level editor that I wanted to implement for Power VTT. Simply put, it’s a combination of what you are asking for and what is currently built. If you have a good imagination, imagine placing a tile, holding SHIFT and placing another tile 8 columns down - all those tiles will get filled inbetween. Placing a tile up a few rows will fill that column. Mapping out a rectangle/polygon shape border and pressing SHIFT+CLICK in the middle can paint the full area. I have not prioritized this yet but it’s something I want to do greatly.

  2. I agree the ability to place or resize by “tile size” would be greatly beneficially. I’ll see what I can do about getting the first steps of that into an upcoming release.

  3. If you like the plan from step 1, it might cover this suggestion.

  4. The vault needs a lot of love. I agree folder and organizational tools like “Dropbox” would be significantly more useful and efficient. I’m slowly working up to a system like you describe.

I hope this helps address some of your suggestions. I’ll begin prioritizing and implementing what I can so look out for updates. If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns always feel free to reach out!

Thank you again!


Alignment/Spacing Tool for Map Editor

For #4

I wanted a folder structure too at first. I’ve been in computers since the early 80’s and find it difficult to let go of seeing my files in a tree structure.

But I started tagging my imports. Wow. The tagging system on PowerVTT is amazingly powerful. Just decide what keywords you would use to find that asset, then tag it.

Personally I’m beginning to understand that a folder structure will never give the results you can build into your tags.