Map creation software

So like, I suffer from CDFS (can’t draw for s***). So rather than make crappy maps that make no sense I generally do a lot of google searching to find real world maps and modify them to my own needs.

I’m sitting here right now with a floor plan of an actual RL parking garage trying to import it into inkscape so I can modify it and scale it as a vector drawing but I’m wondering.

All the maps in the store here and on driveThru and so forth… what do you guys use to make them? I assume it’s not something like or inkscape. Do you use some sort of map creation software?

I render my maps from 3D models - Sure that won’t help you though…

actually that would be pretty cool if I could. I came across a parking garage in Watchdogs 2 that would be perfect for the gunfight in the game I’m running on here but i don’t even know where to start on that one.

Sorry, couldn’t tell you where to start on extracting the models and textures from a game. They normally use compiled formats that editing tools cannot open directly.

I had started to try to do it by hand… like putting the character model in a corner and pacing out steps to see how long a side was and stuff.

yeah I’m not doing that again. Lesson learned.

This model set would cost me over $25.

that’s pretty slick.

Dungeon Draft hits the sweet spot for me. Especially for the price. I currently use GIMP but I’ve been meaning to move over to DD for a while.

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that looks promising. Does it do ‘modern’ stuff or just fantasy?

EDIT: at $20 it’s a pretty decent deal even if it doesn’t do modern. I picked it up just now. Extra points for the Korgi

I would check out their discord server, it’s really active and lots of guys are creating scifi and modern assets there.

The default assets are pretty much all fantasy-oriented, but there are some great community asset packs available (several of which are free) for modern and sci-fi stuff

Yeah I got a bunch of free stuff, some paid stuff and did some of my own which was surprisingly easy. I’e been so impressed I’ve been recommending Dungeondraft to all my GM friends.

They have another piece of software for overland maps called wonderdraft.

yeah i saw that… for worldbuilding. Probably great too. I just don’t have a use for it ATM given that the world I’m using is already created.