Map Building Prefabs

So this got brought up by someone in a tour of Astral I was participating in and I thought it was a really cool idea.

In level design in most video games there is a function well known as “Prefabs” (or pre-fabrication)

The idea of a pre-fab is that you’ve utilized your assets and made a “group of objects” into one that you have exported, then can re-import later.

There are some “workaround facilitation” items to do thing like this already, but it would be really cool to have a “Built in feature”.

To give an example:
You spend a bunch of time making the “perfect tavern layout”, as a GM you may run multiple games that utilize taverns, so you want to just export this version of it

You then select the tavern (click and drag select grouping tool) and then can choose to “Export Prefab”.

You now have a “pre-fabricated tavern” you can now use when building your maps again later.

This prefab, now stored to your vault can be re-imported on its own into other maps later (not as maps, into maps). Each object of the prefab would still get their map layer.

I know the alternative work flow for this:
Build your item, screenshot it, import it as a singular image later.
Copy & Paste trickery

But doing it as individual object built prefabs allows a bit more control over things, like being able to re-apply triggers to individual layers, etc. ALSO, you could have pre-fabs export with triggers too. That way if you have secret doors, passageways or even just have triggers to make the tavern or other groupings change between clean and disheveled or whatever you can use them without having to recreate the whole effect.

This by the way should export ALL objects in the selected area, including lighting, triggers, and hidden layers.

This also would be helpful to those of the community who are doing pre-built modules for new players.

yes please…i need this in my life xD

I love the idea of saving a group of assets + triggers.

I should add that there’s no need to take a screenshot, on the map editor, there’s a button in the top of the editing toolbar that says “Export Map to Image”. JPEG and PNG are supported.

And while I’m at it, here’s a somewhat related request you might be interested in:

This, by the way, I would not be opposed to being a “pro only” feature.

Here’s why:
There’s a “kind of facilitation” (with the screenshot function.)

But the concern I would have is
“What’s stopping a pro user from just plopping a pro asset into a prefab then letting pro lapse?”

While this is perfectly fine in a full map, but this cheats the system for using pro assets “later”.

So, to me, this extra functionality I think is perfectly fair for pro only.

An excellent idea and something i personally basically already do, albeit using a 3rd-party program. I think making a tool like this available to the general public would hugely improve building flow.

As a follow up to my comment about it being “pro only” if it did utilize access restrictions for assets, it could fall into the free side of the app too, but future uses of the prefabs (if not still on pro) would not work. This way anyone who outright bought an asset still has access.