Map building - How to "Define Doors"?

How do I “define” a door on a map, and manipulate it? (size, specifically)

I’ve defined an area already, a basic room (6x15 sqaures on the grid, which I assume are 5 foot boxes). When I try to “define door”, it just turns the entire wall into a red-highlighted door area: 30 feet long or 75 feet long, depending on which wall I try to put the door on.

What am I missing? Thanks,

For anybody else struggling with the basics, I figured it out after seeing a tip for making secret doors.

You have to add extra “points” in your defined areas (walls), those extra points will become the boundaries for your doors. You can add extra points in and move area points after creating a basic room shape, but its probably easier if you know where you want to put the doors before you start drawing walls via “points”.

Hi @jason,

A door can be placed in the resulting line between two points previously traced with the pen tool (the same used for the dynamic lighting feature).

What you’re seeing (the whole wall being marked as a door) is likely because you didn’t place points “in the middle”.

Always make sure you place a point on each side of the “drawn” door for your map.

Ah, you figured it out while I was typing. Well then.

I appreciate the help, still. Are there tutorials for these kinds of basics? If so, I missed/can’t find them.

Edit - I did do the intro map tutorials, I was looking for additional info.

Still relatively “new” myself, but there are a couple videos here:

And most of the official (and updated) tutorials are found in:

I guess the bit about doors could use some clarification.

Ahhhh, its always the little stuff that trips one up, right?

I’ve looked at their official tutorials many times… never thought to look under “Dynamic Lighting” for info on creating doors and walls! :man_facepalming:

I’ll check out that youtube vid, thanks again for the help!