Map Asset Controls, grouping, selection, and orientation

Hey a quick critique of the map building tool just a couple of little things that could improve the user experience.

  1. A separate control arm for rotation like in many applications that puts the rotation control point out on an arm perpendicular from the center of one of the image boxes. Constantly trying to find the spot for rotation vs resize is quite annoying.
  2. The asset boxes are far to big. When trying to build, say a forest campfire scene, it is impossible to fill in trees to the edge of the map without the boxes forcing more black grid to extend because the tree asset images are several squares smaller than their asset frame. Case in point, why is this tree’s asset box 3 squares bigger than the asset making it impossible to create a full jungle effect and also eclipsing all assets under it from selection in a wide area.
  3. Locking groups so you don’t select individual members of a layer group.
  4. Some click option (right click maybe) that shows a list of all assets layered under the click to select buried assets easier.

Hi @DastardlyDM

Let me try address each of your points.

  1. Yeah, that can definitely be done better, such as the rotation tool for Tokens. I’d definitely create a Feature Request for that.

  2. Assets are created by third party vendors, so Astral has no control over how they are produced. I’ll see if the team can have a chat with the vendors about this issue though.

  3. You can lock an entire group. I do it for all the games that I produce. You can look at the free Infinity, Pathfinder and Scarred Lands games for examples of this.

  4. Again, a great topic for a Feature Request.

Okay, now that I have that all out of the way, a few points for you to consider.

Please focus on a single request in a Feature Request Posting. It is impossible for the developers to track interest in a feature request if there are multiple requests in a single post.

I’m going to close this post, but I do encourage you to make individual requests for points 1 and 2.

Thanks for your support.

// Closing as multiple items requested in single post. Directed OP to make individual requests for items.