Managing the battlefield

Hi all,

I’m a new to vtt experience as well as the GM role. I had hoped that managing large battles with lots of enemies would be easier to do. But so far it’s really a huge slowdown for my players. For example just to get initiative rolled I am having to click on each npc, wait for UI, then click to roll. If I do that twenty times, my players get bored. Just locating the npc on the map when it’s their turn takes up precious seconds. Does anyone have tips for managing large battles? For example is there a way to tab through npcs on the map in order to rename them? (I thought I might rename the enemies so I could group them and identify them by group and roll group as individual.) other ideas?


Hi @Marlin_the_Fish

Unfortunately, there isn’t, however, if you click on the character name in the Characters menu ©,it will open the sheet, making it quicker to work through the list than clicking on the tokens and opening the sheet.

There is a Feature Request for rolling all NPC’s initiatives with one click.