Managing compendiums in the Vault


First I would like to thank you for this wonderful VTT : I love the K.I.S.S concept all across the site, unlike others VTT which are bloated with useless features (roll20).

I’ve started to create my game and since I’m using custom rules for Savage Worlds, I love the possibility to import my own character sheet (and in french, by the way).

Unfortunately, I’ve a problem with managing Compendiums in my Vault : I don’t understand how to remove (or replace) an uploaded PDF. In fact I don’t have the “My Compendium” menu item you can see on this help center page :

What I did wrong ? My PDF use a ‘è’ in its filename, could this be the origin of the problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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The My Compendium page has been replaced with the Handouts (H) page, and unfortunately, Astral does not support deleting Assets from the Handouts library at the moment. The issue is being looked at but may take a while to implement.

Also, the Handouts menu is only available in a game, and not from the Vault.


Cannot delete what we upload? That is problematic when experimenting with new features. I’ve got multiple compendiums that I uploaded learning how to use the functionality that are just stuck there now, right? Well, I’ll just rename and upload more, if I hit some sort of a space limit, I’ll contact support then. This is indeed good to know. Thanks.

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