Manage and sort sheet elements (stats, checkboxes, actions, etc.)

I’ve seen a few feature ideas for sheets elements but I was actually surprised to find nothing about the left side panel (except for a very good pin/unpin idea which I 100% support)…

I’d like to be able to sort, regroup, move within the list, or automaticaly sort by type/name the sheet elements. Implementing my own system and recreating fully automatic sheets, I’m now having kind of A LOT of elements on my PC and NPC sheets, and it starts to bother me a little that the only option I have to find one specific element within the list is to use the searchbar and checking for its name or content. I mean, it’s good, but if I create ten stats named “Stat 1”, “Stat 2”, … “Stat 10”, then I do something else (like creating a few checkboxes), then I create “Stat 11”, it’s already too late, and my Stats will be all over the place. Just look at this gif :

Wouldn’t that be nice to be able AT LEAST to separate the checkboxes (on some sheets I’ve got more than 60 of them) and the stats (more than 100…) ? Or to be able to move them within the list rather than having them sorted by creation order ? Pleeeease ? :heart::pray:

I think the Folder sorting for actions/stats feature request addresses your concerns as well. I would recommend commenting there and upvoting that.

But yes, that would be nice.

There’s also a request to reorder stats:

If there’s something else you had in mind, we can leave this request open. Otherwise, it’s best to close this one to avoid splitting votes.
Would you agree we can close this one @DantheJack?

Sure ! Of course ! Thanks for your help, both of you !

// Closing as duplicate

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